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Childhood in Edwardian Sussex The making of a Naturalist: by Margaret Hutchinson (Author)

In this charming book we see Margaret Hutchinson in her rather special background, that of a large Quaker family in the pre-1914 days.  She recaptures with complete integrity the thoughts, feelings and outlook of an observation little girl - the middle one in a close knit family of nine and one with a deep feeling for an understanding of nature. 

Her parents, Hebert and Elizabeth Hutchinson brought them up in a very old farmhouse on the top of Marley Heights 700 feet above sea level.  They enjoyed a complete countrified life.  There was no gas or electricity and climbing up to bed with a guttering candle is one of the author's early memories - yet they had  two deliveries of post daily, while tradesmen could be relied upon to call for orders and to deliver the goods quickly. 

In their somewhat frugal life the garden, farm, woods and meadows were an unfailing attraction and cost nothing; the children were never bored.  they careered along the lanes in their donkey cart and roamed far and wide.  With cows, pigs and chickens,they were self supporting to a large degree, plus the back breaking summer chore of whortleberry ('urts') picking.

The book is illustrated thought, not only with photographs taken by "Aunt Kitty" but with delightful recollection of the immediate family, and of uncles, aunts and cousins, and above all Miss Hutchinson's distinguished grandfather, the surgeon, Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, who founded the well known Haslemere Educational Museum.      

Product details

  • Condition: Used
  • Hardcover: 150 pages with dust jacket
  • Publisher: Triplegate Ltd (1983)
  • Language: English
  • Illustrations: Color and B&W photos  
  • ISBN-10: 0946474133
  • ISBN-13: 978-0946474134
  • Product Dimensions:  22 x 14 x 1.7 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 363 g


1. The Guttering Candle
2.  Playing the Garden
3.  On the Farm
4.  Our Hilltop
5.  In the Woods
6.  Further Afield
7.  Friends and Neighbors
8.  Down to Haslemere
9.  Over to Inval
10. Of Cabbages and Kings