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Racing Pigeons: by Colin Osman (Author)

FIRST Edition and First Printing of this book! RARE and HARD to Find!! Very informative, must have book for someone who's planning to start in the racing pigeon hobby.

Rare - Very hard to find a copy of this book.  Printed and published in 1957.

The reader will get all the basic knowledge needed to make a good start with the Racing Pigeon hobby. This book is to attempt to prevent the reader from making mistakes which could prove costly.  Advise and guidance based on the general practices of successful pigeon racers and breeders.    

Pigeon racing is a practical sport. It is not a sport that can be learnt from books alone but is something that must also be learnt with pigeons in a pigeon loft. This book does not offer an open door to immediate success in the sport, but is more an attempt to prevent the reader from making mistakes which could prove costly.

Experience of the 100 years of the sport’s history has shown that in the management of pigeons some things are unquestionably right and others are just as wrong. On these matters good pigeon fanciers throughout the world are agreed. On other matters, how ever, there is far less agreement and in many cases no agreement at all. In this book will be found advice based on the general practice of successful pigeon racers and where these disagree among themselves, then that also will be noted. It is a book of experience, not only the limited experience of the author but the experience of people with whom the author has come into con-tact in his day by day work on The Racing Pigeon, a weekly paper read throughout the world. This experience has been analysed carefully, and some attempt has been made at deciding whether
certain fanciers win because of the methods they adopt or in spite of them!

It is impossible in a book of this length to deal with every topic. As long as there are pigeon fanciers so there will be fresh things to discuss and ten books could not cover all that could be written. Here in this book will be found the essential facts that a newcomer to the sport will need to know if he is not to be disappointed in his attempts to race pigeons.

Sold as-is. 

Product Details

  • Condition: Used – Very Good (VG) - First few pages previous author embossed and labels
  • Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Faber and Faber Ltd; 1st edition (1954)
  • Language: English
  • Illustrations:  B&W photos and illustrations
  • ISBN-10: 0571070108                               
  • ISBN-13: 9780571070107                 
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 13.5 x 2 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 310 g


1.  The Pigeon Itself
2.  the Pigeon's Year
3.  Food and Feeding
4.  The Pigeon's Home
5.  Breeding Winners
6.  Preparing for the Races
7.  Winning Systems
8.  The Off Season
9.  Officials and their Work
10. Making a Start