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In-Breeding: What It Is and What It Does: by C. A. House (Author) & W. Watmough (Author)

The Secret of success in Livestock culture fully described. A Treatise of the greatest value to breeders of all kinds of animals, pigeons, birds, poultry & dogs.

RARE paperback booklet. "In-Breeding: What It Is and What It Does" By C. A. House. Revised by W. Watmough.
This is the Thirteenth Edition, undated (circa 1920s), published by "Fur and Feather(Watmough Limited)".

In this booklet, C. A. House and W. Watmough explain the practice of In-Breeding of farm stock & other animals. "A Treatise of the Greatest Value to Breeders of All Kinds of Farm and Fancy Stock. The Secret of Many Breeders' Success".

Slight tear in front & back cover.
Embossed Label on inside cover.
Sold as-is. 

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  • Condition: Used – Good (G) very discolored pages but otherwise in good shape.  
  • Paperback: 69 pages 
  • Publisher: Fur and Feathers (Watmoughs Limited) (circa 1920s)
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  • ASIN: B00717VQZS
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 12 x .3 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 72 g


1.  A General Survey
2.  A Continental Race-Horse Breeder Defines In-Breeding.
3.  Purity of Strain and Stamina
4.  In-Breeding Described
5.  Out-Crossing and In-Crossing
6.  How to In-Breed
7.  Strain: What is it?
8.  Like Produces Like
9.  What In-Breeding Has Done for Horses, Cattle and Sheep
10. In-Breeding Dogs, Poultry and Pigeons
11. What In-Breeding Has Done for the Fur Fancy
12. In-Breeding in Our Canary Room 
13. Hoe Close Can One In-Breed?
14. Conclusion