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The Robber Church Paperback: by Patrick Henry Omlor (Author)

From the very beginning, Omlor understood that the English vernacular version of the Canon of the Mass (introduced in the USA on Oct 22, 1967) rendered the sacrament invalid, & he was the first to compose a competent study on the issue, thankfully, all 21 of Omlor’s writings are available in this 392-page volume covering the his Writings (1968-1997).
Patrick Omlor questioned the validity of the form of consecration in the Mass of Paul VI. His argument centered on the replacement of the Latin "Pro multis" ("for many") with the English "for all" in the rite of consecration, arguing that a deviation from the earlier wording resulted in the new Mass not constituting a proper sacrifice.

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About the Author


Patrick Henry Omlor (June 13, 1931 – May 2, 2013) was born of Catholic parents, Joseph Peter Omlor and Helen Anastasia Omlor (née Kochan), on June 13, 1931, in Amarillo, Texas. After finishing primary school at St. Mary's Academy, Amarillo, he entered Price Memorial College, a high school in Amarillo conducted by the Brothers of the Christian Schools (F.S.C.).  At the age of thirteen, in the middle of his freshman year, he was accepted at the F.S.C. Preparatory Novitiate in Glencoe, Missouri.  Five years later he commenced his studies in the F.S.C. Scholasticate at St. Mary's College in Winona, Minnesota, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, graduating summa cum laude.  While at St. Mary's he was introduced to the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas and learned how to study it and appreciate its incomparable importance and value.

For more than eight years Omlor benefited from the sound spiritual direction and the excellent religious and secular education provided by the Christian Brothers, blessings for which he will always be grateful.  But he came to realize that the religious state was not his true vocation and he left the F.S.C. Congregation in 1953.  Over the next eleven years, he taught mathematics at several Catholic institutions in Louisiana and California and at the Franciscan Sisters' College of St. Joseph on the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (which unfortunately was later renamed the University of Albuquerque).  In 1956, while at the College of St. Joseph, he married Mary Victoria Adelo.

Following upon his career as a teacher, Mr. Omlor next became a staff mathematician at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California, where he remained until late 1972. In early 1973 he arrived in Perth, Western Australia, accompanied by his wife and their three sons and seven daughters.  Until his retirement in 1993, he held the position of Operations Research Practitioner at the Western Australian Division of the Pittsburgh-based Aluminium Company of America.

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