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The Wood Pigeon: by R. K. Murton (Author)

From the New Naturalist Monograph Series - Volume 20 (1965); Covers Breeding, Feeding, Behavior, Movement & Diseases. Fully illustrated - maps & photographs

The wood pigeon is one of the most common, most interesting and least studied of all British birds.  Before 1939 the chief authority upon the bird itself and its habits was probably Aristotle. 

When he began his studies of wood pigeon behaviour, Dr. Murton was mainly concerned with reputed crop damage by wood pigeons and present , control methods - both of which are fully discussed in this book with surprising conclusions.  But in his research he also considered the bird's patterns of migration, its breeding habits, periods and locations, where and how it obtains its food, the diseases from which it obtains its food, the diseases from which it suffers, and its life-span. 

This book is full of fascinating information: pigeons are know to live as long as 14 years and alone among birds they lactate, their young being fed entirely on milk for their first few days of life.  Here is a familiar but neglected subject brilliantly brought to life.  Like all Naturalist books, it is full illustrated with maps and photographs. 

Jacket design by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis. 

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1.  Pigeons
2.  The Pigeon of Britain
3.  Food and Feeding
4.  Feeding Ecology
5.  Social Behaviour
6.  Parental Behaviour
7.  Breeding Biology
8.  Age and Population
9.  Movement and Migration
10. Diseases, Parasites and Poisons
11. The Wood-Pigeon as a Pest
12. Shooting and Crop Protection

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