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Psittacine Aviculture Perspectives, Techniques & Research: by Richard M. Schudbot (Author) & Kevin Clubb (Author) & Susan Clubb (Author)

Avicultural Breeding and Research Center - breeding, Incubation for Parrots!

This book is an attempt to merge the art and science of aviculture.  Many vital aspects of aviculture and avicultural medicine are addressed in detail.  Techniques and research findings of ABRC staff are represented in chapters which address caging, diets, incubation, hand-feeding, avicultural management, development and growth  of chicks and more.

With the application of science and economics, aviculture can meet the needs of the pet industry for many, if not most of the species currently in trade. 

This volume is just a beginning in the application of science to avicultural production, hopefully one which will assist others to produce healthy, well adjusted birds.

28 chapters with sample chapters are:

 a. Management of Psittacine chicks and Eggs in the Nets
 b. Common Sense in incubation
 c. The effects of dietary supplementation of Digestive Enzymes in Handfed Eclectus Parrots
 d. Psittacine Neonatal Care and Handfeeding

Product details

  • Condition:  Used
  • Hardcover: 28 chapters with dust jacket with minor wear, inside cover has writing on it, spine, blue boards and binding are in great shape and intact like new.  Spine has silver gilt lettering on it. 
  • Publisher:  Avicultural Breeding and Research Center (1992)
  • Language: English
  • Illustrations: B&W and Color photographs and hand illustrations
  • ISBN-10: 0963142402
  • ISBN-13: 978-0963142405
  • Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 22 x 2.5 cm
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